Christian’s For America Seminar

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Christians for America Seminar Outline

1) Introduction

A. Dire Condition of America today: Fast becoming a Godless society.
B. Consequence of remaining on the course we are on today.
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. (Psalm 9:17)
C. Judgment and the wrath of God on our nation.
D. CFA vision and purpose: America submitted and committed to God.
E. Return America to her Christian heritage thereby securing the blessingsnof liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

2) Biblical Mandate for Christian Political Transformation

A. A Mandate (Commandment) from God, based on the Great Commission, a call to action, a call to establish Christian nations.
B. Government: God’s institution: Biblical purpose and function of government
Daniel 4:17: God rules in the kingdom of men. Romans 13 and the purpose of government
C. Authority: All authority resides with God, delegated to man to fulfill God’s purposes.
D. Three institutions charged with the responsibility of exercising God’s authority in the earth.
1) Family > the Man Jesus Christ
2) The Church > through the individual
3) Civil Government > rules all three.
E. All three institutions ordained by God.
F. All three have a form of government – structure- chain of command.
G. All three interrelated, affect each other. God’s ultimate plan is for the Christian under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to govern all three.
H. The Church ordained by God to be actively involved in transforming society through the application of Biblical principle in these three institutions. The Man Jesus Christ, through the individual man (Gal 2:20) rightly exercising God’s authority in each institution brings the increase of His government and peace on the earth. (Isaiah 9:7)

3) Historical Mandate for Christian Political Action

A. Founded on Biblical Mandate, Deuteronomy 6 call to transfer heritage to each generation.
B. The Bible – The political handbook of America.
C. The principles of Christianity and the principles of civil government forever married in America.
D. The republican form of government depends upon the principles contained in the Holy Scriptures

4) Blueprint for Liberty

A. Establish Liberty Centers in communities and churches throughout the land.
B. Liberty Centers are centers of prayer and action, educating, equipping and encouraging
C. Christians to possess our land through the application of Biblical principles in the educational nd political institutions of America.
D. Liberty Centers will be an integral part of the local church ministry enabling the Church to better fulfill its mission to transform society through the gospel.