Liberty Center Projects

Projects are our means of accomplishing our goals in the Liberty Centers. We have local, state and national projects. Local projects are internal and involve only the local Liberty Center. State and national projects are worked in conjunction with other Liberty Centers to accomplish state and national goals.

The first priority is to establish the local Liberty Center as a viable entity capable of functioning as a stand alone unit and in conjunction with other Liberty Centers on the city, state and national level.

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe all things are possible to him who believes. (Mark 9:23)

Based on this scripture Jesus spoke these words to the Christians for America founder in prayer one morning.

                             For the Impossible to become the Possible,

                             We must be doing the Impossible.

                             We must be going about the Father’s business.

As we trust God, prepare, plan and work our projects we must maintain an attitude of all things are possible with Him. Some of our projects just take hard work, some are impossible without Him. We believe if we remain faithful to Him, He will empower us to complete the task. (The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty. (Proverb 21:5)

Use this four point guide to keep all projects focused and on task.

                             Plan what you do.  All projects to have projected date of completion.

                             Do what you plan.

                             Monitor the process.

                             Correct and improve.

Following are initial Liberty Center Projects:

  1. Educate all church members on Biblical principles of government and Biblical qualifications to hold public office; then get them registered and committed to vote for godly candidates. Do not compromise principles to win an election; you have not won if your candidate does not meet Biblical qualifications. The lesser of two evils is still evil.
  1. Establish an E-Mail/Phone Minute Men Prayer Team. People committed to pray during legislative sessions, both national and state, about specific issues that need immediate attention, the hand of God, or a miracle. Appoint an e-mail coordinator and a phone coordinator.
  1. Establish an E-Mail/Phone Minute Man Political Action Team. People committed to political action, including but not limited to contacting legislators on important issues, writing letters to the editor, and lobbing in person before legislative committees.
  1. Recruit a Campaign Support Army. Volunteers who will commit of their time, talent and treasure to get CFA endorsed Christian candidates elected to public office.
  1. Prepare questionnaire to send to candidates and office holders on Biblical and constitutional requirements to hold public office. Solicit commitment to principles.
  1. Work to establish liberty centers in other churches, schools and legislative bodies.
  2. Support bill to change the oath of office for all political office holders to include a pledge to uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence.
  1.  Develop action plan for the removal of the teaching of evolution from public schools and reinstall the teaching of creation. Use the Declaration of Independence, your state constitution and existing state law as the legal basis for this project.
  1.  Prepare action plan to purge abortion from the land with an attitude of it can be done. For the impossible to become the possible we must be doing the impossible. We must be going about the Father’s business. Use the Bible and the Declaration of Independence as the basis for all constitutional laws and governmental actions.
  1.  Prepare prayer guidelines for prayer for the nation.

       1 Timothy 2:2 – Pray for all who are in authority.

  1.  Create calendar of important political dates.

                          Elections- Local – School Board, city, and county

                          State –

                          National –

        Dates when national and state legislatures are in session.

  1.  Create contact list of local, state and national political office holders. Include address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, include guidelines on how to contact your legislator. Put this information on the website.
  1.  Schedule regular education seminars on America’s Christian heritage and the responsibility it carries with it.
  1. Establish a Clean Cities Project to remove pornography from our cities.
  2. Establish Candidate Search, Select and Aid Committee. Start with local School Board and City Council.
  1. Set up educational classes to teach the Biblical principles of civil government to citizens and church members including children and youth. Start with the Institute on the Constitution 12 week course using videos by Dr. John Eidsmore.